Try adding lemon to your skincare routine

My quest for a skin brightener has halted.  At least for the moment anyway.  I mentioned before that I had found some products that showed promise (yes, results). However, I soon discovered the power of a natural ingredient-lemons!  Yes, it turns out that if you add a little lemon juice to your facial cleanser, you will notice a much brighter complexion.  It’s like waking up your skin.  And we could all use a little pick me up here and there.

Over time, your skin can get that dull look.  That definitely means you need to exfoliate.  Still, you might notice that your skin, may just not look alert, bright.  Most cosmetic counters have a skin brightening cream to wake up your complexion.   But before you invest that, try lemon juice.  Hello!  It works.  I tried it initially with a little baking soda. Just one squeeze of lemon, cleansed and rinsed.  Not only did it feel invigorating but I noticed a difference immediately.

Now here’s the rub: lemon juice delivers all over brightness.  So if you have hyper pigmentation issues, you would have to spot treat.

It doesn’t smooth your skin or change texture.  So if you have resurfacing issues, you’ll still need another  product.

The great thing about this is that a lemon cost all of $0.99.  Some have experienced a slight sting (I didn’t), so just see what your results are.

The thing is, it is a natural product and like other products that you put on your skin, it’s going to keep working.  So I would suggest that you be diligent about using sun screen and try it just a few times a week.

Have you integrated natural ingredients into your skin care routine?  Let me know.

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