The one thing that I missed while in Costa Rica, was that I couldn’t get my Scandal fix. When you’re in the middle of the jungle, some things just have to wait.  So while I was M.I.A. in Costa Rica, Amanda Tanner was M.I.A. in D.C.   Olivia Pope was trying to find out who, what, where with Amanda, and her associates Harrison and Quinn are looking for the “why” behind a plane crash, that included a well known senator as a passenger.

Olivia enters the district attorney’s office, charcoal jacket, gold bracelet, and her signature Prada handbag, to enlists his support in finding Amanda.  In the meantime, Huck the suit-less, gladiator on the team is hot on the trail of a personal acquaintance, an assassin, that he believes is connected to Tanner’s disappearance. After some subdued posturing and taunting about Huck’s name, he refuses to cooperate.

The pilot was a woman.  Not just any woman-a woman with a past that includes AA meetings.  Words like panic, pms, and sober hover over the investigation.  Her husband doesn’t waiver that his wife was sober, competent, and innocent.  And he wasn’t the only man standing up for the woman he loved.

Amanda Turner’s father filed a missing person’s report, but it’s too late, Amanda is dead. While Olivia is reeling from that news and Amanda’s father in her office, she gets a call from the Kryptonite King himself, President Grant.  He assures her he had nothing to do with Amanda’s death.  She doesn’t doubt him, but she doesn’t give in either.  ”If you didn’t kill him, we both know who did.  If you let a pit bull off the leash he mauls a baby, no one blames the dog.  You let Cyrus off his leash, that’s on you.”  Dial tone.

The investigation continues for the plane crash and luckily Olivia’s team finds the one flight attendant who called out.  She confirms that the pilot was as dry as day old bread and never missed an AA meeting, just like her husband said.  Olivia holds a press conference to beat the airlines to delivering the news. While the pilot’s husband is grieving over his wife and her missing body, Olivia taps Huck to go back into black ops mode and find Amanda Tanner.

At the oval office, the President is testing Cyrus, questioning him on how he feels about hearing the news that Amanda Tanner is dead.  Cyrus shows no sorrow and makes no apology for it.  Meanwhile, he has a casual political conversation with the First Lady, in which he expresses his dislike for going to political extremes.  The First Lady makes the comment, “there isn’t a person in this building who isn’t willing to go to extremes for you.”  That woman is dangerous.

Meanwhile, Stephen interviews one of the airline mechanics and makes a startling discovery.  Harrison continues reviewing the black box until he hears the faint lines he needs to confirm that panic didn’t cause the crash, there was something wrong with the plane.  Huck visits his friend Charles with duct tape and a drill.  That’ll teach Charles to make fun of some one’s name.

The report that confirms the plane had mechanical issues is found, as is Amanda Turner’s body.  After an emotional evening, Olivia is at home alone when she hears a knock at the door.  Guess who?  It’s Mr. President.

Scandal Airs Thursdays on ABC at 10 p.m.

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    Vicki — May 27, 2012 @ 11:58 am

    Thank you RaindayDiva. Haven’t watched the show because of schedule and, even if I had the DVR or TiVo or whatever is out there, not sure when I would have a sit down moment to watch….so thanks much for the edge-of-the-seat summary….