Monday Mojo: Elevate!

Simone Tetteh for Vogue

Dignity is a word we don’t hear too often anymore.  But regardless of what you see on TV or read in magazines, the “D” word has never gone out of style.  To truly be successful, that is achieve your goals without regret or adding skeletons to the closet, you must elevate your life.   Setting habits, goals, and principles at a higher standard has to be who we are, not something we do every once in a while.

More and more each day elevate elevate your mind.  Elevate your conversation.  Elevate your style! Elevate your life!  Think higher and stand taller.   Don’t just speak positive things, think positive things!   When you find yourself replaying negative thoughts in your mind say to yourself, “Stop!  That’s not true tell!”  But don’t stop there.  Follow by verbally reminding  yourself the positive truth!   Then, believe it!

Happy Monday, Ladies!

Above:  Simone Tetteh, a booking associate for Vogue Magazine shows how to wear five different looks.  I love everything about this look.  Casual glamour is anything but dressed down with a lot of makeup.  Here we have soft, natural makeup, a demure lip, crowning curls, a canary-yellow gown with a plunging neckline, and a snakeskin strappy sandal.  Perfect!

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    Vicki — October 5, 2012 @ 11:05 pm

    What a positive post!