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Wooden Shoe Like To Know? & Don't Talk Bach To Me

I am really feeling OPI’s Holland collection-particularly Wooden Shoe Like To Know?! Last week as I was prepping for my trip to Vegas, I just couldn’t find the right shade of fabulous.  That’s when someone suggested Wooden Shoe Like To know?  Just looking at the bottle, I knew it was a “No”.  A “Milk Dud” brown on my already brown skin?!  But I decided to humor her and test one nail.

Wooden Shoe Like To Know?, Don't Talk Back To Me

What she painted on my nails was nothing short of shimmery brown goodness.  I’m not a fan of sparkles but Wooden Shoe Like To Know? has just enough to make you look sophisticated, not pre-teen competitive.  I knew that was “the” color, but I wanted a bit of spice.  I wanted my manicure to be more than fabulous, I wanted edge.  I wanted to be funky.  That’s when I spotted, what I initially referred to as “Grinch Green”.  It’s actually from OPI’s Germany collection and is appropriately titled, Don’t Talk Bach To Me. These two together are a dynamic duo!

OPI’s Wooden Shoe Like To Know & An Affair In Red Square

I’d never given chocolate brown polish a second look, until I became mesmerized with Cocoa Suede by Laura Mercier last week.  I thought it was just a fluke, but it turns out that shades of brown are my new “it” color (not to be confused with OPI’s The “It” Color, which is another favorite that would pair well with Wooden Shoe Like To Know?).

Travel tips:

  • When traveling, take the polish you’re wearing with you, just in case you need a touch up. If you’re having your nails done at a salon, you can always purchase the color.  That is, unless they say it’s their last bottle.  If so,  ask if they will allow you to purchase it at a discount.  They usually say yes.
  • For your next trip, buy nail polish remover wipes from your local drugstore.  They are easy to use without worry of spills.  One pad will usually remove polish from all of your nails.  And they are airport security compliant.

What’s your favorite nail polish this season?

Source: My very own Canon Powershot:The Spa at Red Rock Resort



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