Monday Mojo: War Stories!

Rihanna in Valentino for Vogue 11/12

I’ve talked to so many people who in some way or another are struggling.  Whether they are trying to live their dreams, start new businesses, keep jobs, reinvent themselves, find love or just pay the bills—it’s tough.  For me, stepping on to a new career path has been fraught with challenges.  Recently a business associate was recounting how hard it was to start his business and he asked me how I was coping. I told him that I’ve accepted that these are lean times and this is my war story. That’s the thought that keeps me going when things don’t go as planned or I can’t seem to get on track.

If you’re facing challenging times, feel overwhelmed, or are fearful of moving on to something new remember that right now you are living your war story!  You’re in the thick of the battle—be it professionally, financially, health-wise, etc.  This is the time that will later serve as your testimony to perseverance, resilience, faith, love and everything that it takes to not give up in the face of adversity.  Make sure that you weather this storm valiantly, so that your courage and tenacity can not only continue to propel you forward, but offer hope to someone else now and in the future.

Above, Rihanna wears a black lace dress w/leather bodice by Valentino; Gloves by Gaspar; Vogue 11/12


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