Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment, MAC Cosmetics, ($20)

The newest edition to my beauty arsenal is MAC cosmetics’ Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment .  I’m still on my journey to clear, glowing (hopefully, flawless) skin!  I’ve been focused on all-over skincare, face and body.  However, I can’t ignore the fact that even when I’m wearing makeup I want my skin to look its best.  The Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone actually helps control oil and shine throughout the day.

I’ve tried it and I know that it works (yes, folks have noticed!).  This product has the consistency of a lotion, so I use a brush to gently and strategically place it on my skin. After applying my oil-free moisturizer, I place a small dab (not even dime-sized amount) to my T-zone, specifically around nostrils and on my chin.  It dries immediately so you really don’t need to work it in. MAC Makeup Artist, Romero Jennings, recommends just a gentle tap with the brush to help it absorb.  What I noticed is that I went a lot longer before seeing any signs of “shine” on my forehead and under my chin, which kept my makeup looking smoother and more polished throughout the day.

Tip:  You can also use the Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment once your makeup has been applied for added oil control!


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