Say It Loud!

It’s time to speak up and out.  Sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is yourself.  Recently I was looking over some of my goals and as I looked at the list, I knew deep down inside that the short list I saw in front of me was only half of the story.  Have you ever been hesitant to admit to yourself that you wanted something or felt a certain way.  I hope I’m not alone.

Sometimes it’s hard to even allow ourselves to dream too big or be the person we are inside, let alone actually plan for that dream.  We know that if we go for that dream, we’ve got to find a new team.  That is, there’s a fear of making those we love or associate with uncomfortable with our new status.  Not to mention getting used to a new life is uncharted territory which can be scary.  Then there’s doubt, can I really pull it off?  ”What will people think?” Sigh.

The short answer is, it really doesn’t matter.  If you don’t live your life and your dreams, you will know.  And honestly, sometimes we don’t give those that love us enough credit, they may be supportive.  Maybe, just maybe, your changes will inspire them.  And if not, they weren’t meant to go the distance.  Perhaps they need to “friend us” from afar.

Go ahead admit that you want to be fabulous, polished, the boss, a vegetarian, a doctor, a business owner, sexy, the CEO, a stay-at-home mom, financially independent, a fashionista, a wife, debt-free, bilingual, an artist…Go ahead, say it!  Admit it and believe it.  It is never too late to be who you are.

Say it out loud!

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