Monday Mojo: Build Your Team

Beyonce & Destiny's Child Strikes A Pose; Super Bowl Half-Time Show

Last night Beyonce delivered on what was probably the most highly-anticipated Super Bowl half-time shows ever.  Like millions of others, I was glued to the television enjoying every moment.  But as I watched the performance it wasn’t just the songs, the moves, or the costumes that made me smile.  It was seeing how all of those women—the band, the dancers, members of Destiny’s Child and of course, Beyonce—came together.  I couldn’t help but think that this was girl power at its finest.  

Beyonce Performs Halo, Super Bowl XLVII

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “sisters are doing it for themselves.”  Well, one thing is for sure, they rarely get it done by themselves.  Whether you’re playing to a sold-out crowd at the Super Dome or starting a small business it’s important to establish relationships, network, and build a team that can support you in realizing your goals.

And when you’re called upon to be a team player in someone else’s dream, step up and play your position.  Remember, your assistance can be a way for you to pay it forward and hone your skills.  By lending your talents or support you can better position yourself for your next move!

When building a network:

  • Include people of different backgrounds that can offer you a fresh perspective.
  • Grow your network! Be careful not to overload the same people, keep increasing your network and call on different people for advice.
  • Cherish relationships.  Someone’s expertise may not be right for your current project, but may come in handy down the road. Don’t forget to nurture the relationship regardless.
  • Keep Your Eyes Open.  Look for ways that you can be of assistance to someone else.  A seemingly small task or gesture, may be of major importance.
  • Show appreciation.  Let your team know how much you appreciate them with compliments, “thank you’s”, praise, and support.

Source: 1, 2 Chris Graython/Getty

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