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Last night we got a new episode of Scandal and of course, Olivia Pope and her gladiators put on their suits and white hats in search of who paid Huck’s ex to assassinate  President Grant.  Of course Olivia didn’t wear just any suit.  Olivia wore two standout pieces last night: her signature pink Ferragamo coat.  and in the office, a grey Escada jacket.  If only I could look like that when going through a crisis or just early on a Monday.

As for the scandal, all fingers pointed to Hollis, but the evidence didn’t stack up.  The D.A. had to let Holllis go because they didn’t have enough evidence.  Sadly for Hollis, Cyrus was looking for a more permanent solution to their problem, and put in a phone call to Scandal’s resident hit man—you know the one that killed Amanda Tanner.  Yeah, him.  Before the show was over, Olivia realized the danger that Cyrus was in and sent Huck to intervene.  Huck can do a lot of things, but since Hollis was already on an elevator with the assassin just before the credits rolled, he’s going to need a cape and tights to get out of this one.

Meanwhile back at the White House there is a different plot brewing.  President Grant is determined to divorce the First Lady, Mellie.  Cyrus pointed out that brain trauma can give one a lot of big ideas that would ultimately hurt kill the President’s political career.  President Grant informs him that having had a bullet in his head, has brought his life into perspective.  He is not changing his mind about the divorce.  And he prepares to go visit Olivia in broad daylight.

Mellie doesn’t have intentions on becoming an ex-wife or a woman scorned.  She makes a mysterious visit tp her OB doctor and the next thing we know, she’s in labor.  Informed of a medical emergency, Grant rushes to her side.  She is screaming in pain and reaches for him.  He hesitates, but then steps up and does what any husband and father-to-be worth his wedding band would do.  He helps and comforts her during the delivery.

Now just in case you’re keeping score, that’s Mellie 1, Olivia…well we will have to see about that.

When it comes to style, Olivia didn’t disappoint.  If only I could look like that when going through a crisis.  Most of us want to look like that on Monday.  Olivia wore two standout pieces last night: her signature pink Ferragamo coat.  and in the office, a grey Escada jacket.

Scandal quote of the week:

“I loathe Olivia Pope.  It’s a boring kind of hate.  I can’t even get my back into it.” ~Mellie Grant, First Lady Of The United States

For more tips on how to get Olivia Pope’s look, check here.

Scandal airs on ABC Thursdays at 10 p.m.


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