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A new episode of Scandal always leaves me with a cocktail of thoughts about the show, the writing, and of course, the fashion.  There’s always a shock at the audacity of the clients and their, well…scandals.  A feeling of empowerment watching the tenacity of chief fixer, Olivia Pope and her Gladiators, and a whole lot of, “ain’t this some…,” well you know, the rollercoaster love triangle with Olivia and Fitz.

This week was no exception.  Top Of The Hour was a new episode, with Olivia trying to fix the marriage and save the job of a philandering CEO, who just happened to be a woman.  Her house husband was none too pleased to find out about his wife’s past affair on the news.  But after all was said and done, the paternity test taken, and some Gladiator trickery teaming Harrison and Abbi on one assignment and Quinn and Huck on an impromptu stake out, the day was saved.

Olivia Pope Takes An Call from Fitz, President Of The United States

Of course what happened in between time, was classic Scandal.  Fitz a.k.a. POTUS, made a phone call to Olivia, supposedly to call her off of his Supreme Court nominee (the other party to the affair with the lady CEO).  But in reality it was just to hear her voice.  Instead of trying to heal the relationship, he led with, “You ruined me.” Olivia followed suit, “I’m ruined.”  What Olivia doesn’t know, is that he’s a changed man, not because of voting tampering, but because he has committed murder.  But I digress.  I believe, “You ruined me”, is going down in television history as the break up response to Tom Cruises, “You complete me,” in Jerry Maguire.

Armani Buttoned Gray Jacket

Christian Dior Jacket

But true to form, Scandal delivered in the wardrobe and fashion department.  Last night the fashion angle was definitely diversity.  We saw Olivia dressed down, in a camel-toned cardigan layered over a jade green blouse. This!! This is what a casual work day looks like.  Then there were the high-powered jackets.  A gray button up by Armani and a white side tie jacket by Christian Dior.

Samantha takes on Harrison (Columbus Short);Top of The Hour episode of Scandal

And last but not least, we met Samantha, who went a few rounds with Harrison about whether or not she could fire the cheating CEO-Olivia’s client.  Not only did she hold her own with Harrison’s slick talk and man pretty, she did so while rocking a head full of natural curls. To the beauty team of Scandal I say, keep it coming!  We love it.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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    Calandra — March 23, 2013 @ 11:24 am

    I loved seeing the actress playing Samantha. I immediately recognized her from a great episode of Law & Order: SVU, where she played an African immigrant facing deportation. I loved her hair then and it’s still looking good. Thanks for bringing out ALL the beauty of Scandal. This is a great show for MANY reasons!

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