A New Day, A New Hue!

My Brassy Orange Is Back!

Recently, I noticed that my hair color was a bit bright.  Bright as in almost orange. Yes, I love the color, and I’m not one who thinks you have to be toned down in winter.  I still got compliments on the color so I thought I was OK, right?  Wrong!  I took a good look at my roots.  My hair color was right back where I started before my Ebony Magazine makeover last spring.

Now I know Rihanna is trying to bring that two-toned, care-free, day at the beach, look back and she just may succeed.  But for me personally, I need to be a bit more polished.  So I went back to where it all started-Devachan Salon in NYC to get my hair color touched up.  Being the inquisitive spirit that I am, I asked my stylist, Rachel, a few questions to help me have a better understanding of the process.  Here’s what she shared with me. … (Read More)

Good Deeds-More Than A Movie

Tyler Perry Is Wesley Deeds; Good Deeds 2012

So Tyler Perry returns this month with a new release titled Good Deeds.  Perry plays Wesley Deeds, an executive whose perfect, yet monotonous, life takes a turn in an unexpected direction when he performs a good deed.  This one seems to be another feel good movie, and while I never tire of those on the big screen, Good Deeds is taking this concept from the screen to real life .  A campaign has been built around the movie called Good Deeds: Great Needs. … (Read More)

Remembering Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston 1963-2012

This weekend I was saddened and shocked to hear of Whitney Houston’s passing. What I really loved and appreciated about Ms. Houston, aside from her amazing vocals, was her style and presence.  With her debut in the mid-1980′s, she showed a generation of young women what elegance looked like.  I remember so well, standing with my friends and seeing that album cover for the first time.  Whitney looked like a queen from a distant land.  She was regal and yet something about her was familiar. … (Read More)

More Than A Manicure

With temperatures going up and down, not to mention the rain and snow, it can take a toll on one’s hands.  Not only do dry, cracked hands hurt, but they also age you.  Who needs that?  Wearing gloves and getting manicures may not be enough.  And let’s be honest, paraffin wax is a nice treat, but it doesn’t solve all problems. Here’s a few other tips and tricks to make sure your hands stay soft and pretty. … (Read More)

Dior Nail Vernis, Water Lily and Forget Me Not

Dior introduces two new spring nail colors, Water Lily-a soft green and a lilac shade, Forget-Me-Not.  When dry, both polishes will release a scent of roses.  I can’t wait to try this, simply because of all beauty products, nail polish is the last that would come to mind for mingling with fragrance.  I’m wondering will the scent compete with other fragrances (lotions, hand creams, perfume, etc.). While the two colors look hot solo, I think they might work well together,being that they are bouquet-inspired.  Scented nail polish.  Really?

Hello Gorgeous!

Borghese Fango Restorative Hydrating Mask

When I said lights out, I didn’t mean for good.  My blog-cation is over and it feels good to be behind the keyboard again.  I spent some time re-evaluating and prioritizing my goals.  I’m not talking about quick fix, feel-good, off-the-cuff resolutions.  No, I’m talking about rejuvenating and recalibrating my lifestyle.  That encompasses a lot.  But one of the things that is most pressing for me is skincare.  The goal is flawless-or as close as I can get.  For me, skincare feels like a full-time job.  Now, if you’re one of those “never had a blemish in my life” types, then you may not understand.  But it’s true.  I’m talking hyper pigmentation, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, adult acne, need I go on? … (Read More)

2011 Lights Out

Mine Design Chalkboard Candle (also in Green)

So there I was in Saks Fifth Avenue (I’m not in there often), searching for something new when I discovered this chalkboard candle.  This super cute candle from Mine Design.  The outside of the candle is a chalkboard and it comes with a stick of chalk, so you can write a message and change it later.  It’s also a soy candle so it burns clean and can last up to 35-40 hours.  I love candles.  The glow, the fragrance and the calming effect.  And at just $25 this one is priced right.

On a personal note, this year has been fun, but I’m blowing out the candle on 2011.  Deadlines are looming and I’m going to take a much needed break.  I’ll resume posting in 2012.  In the meantime, you can catch up with me on twitter: @RainyDayDiva!  Thank you for clicking by.  Until January 2012!

As many of you know, I’m vying for a Pepsi Refresh grant to provide school clothes to middle and high school students, along with fashion tips and tools to help them develop style and build confidence.  In order to win the grant, I need votes.  I’m so grateful that so many of you have expressed support and have logged on and voted.

However, the voting period is not over.  It ends at midnight on December 31, 2011.  So there’s still time for you to vote.  Whether you are a regular visitor of Rainy Day Diva, or just passing through, please take a moment to either:

Log on to Pepsi’s Refresh Everything site, here and  click “Vote” or text 110341 t0 73774.

I’m looking forward to kicking off this project next year and I will keep you updated!

Note: If you decide to text, standard text message rates apply.

Curl Peace

Loving Your Tresses - Curl Peace

Just in the past week, I’ve had two people consult me on their curl issues.  Basically, they’ve not only asked for product recommendations, but have also gone on rants about their frustration with their hair.  I understand the frustration.

… (Read More)

Tracee Ellis Ross Shops in LA

So last night was the finale of Reed Beetween The Lines, with 3 episodes airing back to back.  As usual Ross’ style is always noteworthy, but last night I was really feeling the natural hair versatility of both mother and daughter. We may not know all the stores where Reed’s costume designer’s shop, but we do know Ross does make an occasional visit to The Gap. (See stills from the show, below). … (Read More)