Lancome Goes Matte For Fall

Fashion Forward Matte Lipstick, By Lancome

Lancome introduces a matte collection of lipstick for fall.  The glossy days of summer have faded to the background.  This season dense, vibrant colors are taking over.  There’s quite a few shades of matte that I love in this collection.  They’re a bit reminiscent of some of my favorite lipsticks from other lines, but uniquely their own.  Here are a few of my favorites (r to l). … (Read More)

For the last few weeks I went back and forth about whether or not I should write this post.  But this subject has been on my mind so much that I had to. Maybe it was because of a relative’s recent heart surgery, or the anniversary of my debut (birthday), that I started thinking seriously about getting healthier.

So I made the decision to increase my exercise and alter my eating habits.  Now, I have to be honest, I’ve made this decision before.  In fact, I’ve tried almost every type of weight-loss program and exercise DVD there is: American Weight Loss, Freshology, Weight Watchers, Tae Bo, Wii, Hip-Hop Abs, Insanity, P-90X and even Weight Loss Warriors (a group that I created with my coworkers).  Here’s the thing.  They all worked…for a while.  … (Read More)

Streets Ahead Python Embossed Belt in Brown

A low-slung, beautiful snake!!  Streets Ahead has designed another hot accessory: a python embossed, Italian leather brown belt with leather strips at the sides.  Now, the last thing I need is another reptile lurking in my closet, but this is an A-list accessory.  The kind that can make a plain cardigan, sweater or tee, just pop!  With flecks of gold, olive, brown, black and ivory the possibilities are endless. … (Read More)

Shapewear Myths Debunked!

Blogger Afrobella and Celebrity Stylist, Jennifer Rade

As a wearer of Bali Intimates shapewear, I’m always sharing the wow factor that comes with wearing these pieces.  But sitting in the audience for the fashion show and in those girl-talk moments, I’ve heard some misinformation about shapewear.  Fortunately, after the Bali fashion show, celebrity stylist Jennifer Rade and blogger Afrobella did a Q & A with the audience.  And a few shapewear myths were debunked.

Myth: “Shapewear”  is code for girdle? … (Read More)

Blinc Mascara

Blinc Mascara

A new mascara has hit the shelves-Blinc.  I was curious about this one because it boasts something different (as they all do). Blinc adds volume by creating tubes around your lashes.  Now I didn’t know how this would work or look, but I decided to give it a try.  This particular formula is supposed to be good for everyone, but especially those who wear contacts, have had laser eye surgery, are active, or swimmers.

When I first applied Blinc to my lashes didn’t see the type of animated volume I expected, … (Read More)

Models Pose at the Bali Intimates, Lycra Booth @ Circle Of Sisters NYC

This past weekend was the Circle Of Sisters event in NYC and yours truly was at the Bali Intimates booth.  This was an exciting weekend.  Amidst all the activity, fun and celebrities, there was this energy and innovation at the Bali booth.  I was there with the Bali team  and a group of fabulous bloggers that included Afrobella, MissVaughnTV, FloreDeFashion, and VivaFashion.  But the buzz was because of the designs hands down.  I got fitted for shapewear and didn’t want to take it off.  Here’s why.

… (Read More)

Circle Of Sisters Attendees Kimitra and Leslie

Circle Of Sisters is an encouraging, informative and inspiring event.  But the sisters didn’t forget to bring their style!  Casual chic, bold color, hot shoes, and plenty of leopard.  Here’s a few looks we loved. … (Read More)

I’m so excited. Tomorrow I’ll be joining a fabulous circle of bloggers for Circle Of Sisters in NYC with Bali Intimates. We’re going to learn more about the Bali brand, see their new fall collection, get fitted, and yes-get lifted, pun intended!

This fall the runways have seen leather pants, dresses, neon skirts, and fitted tops. But what’s the point in all that flyness if you’ve got bulges, rolls or gaps. It definitely subtracts from the fabulousness. That’s why I’ve adopted the attitude that shape wear is a must for my wardrobe. Bali was my first bra and now they’re my choice for shape wear.

If you’re in the NYC area and going to Circle Of Sisters, stop by the Bali Booth. It’s going to be informative, educational, and fun. I’ve been wearing the high-waist brief and I’m anxious to try the new smoothing Tank. If you have questions about shape wear or bras, please send them to me. You can reach me on Facebook or Twitter: @RainyDayDiva. Speaking of bras, is it just me or does a new bra give you a whole new attitude?

Come join me at the Bali booth at Circle of Sisters! Live Beautifully Daily.


Smartphones have been linked to a lot of ills, traffic accidents, cancer, and now wrinkles.  Last night the late news ran a segment that featured a cosmetic dermatologist and an esthetician who supported the idea that the use of smart phones can contribute to premature wrinkles.  How so?

According to the dermatologist, constant squinting when trying to view the screen can lead to wrinkles around the eye. Which can be countered with, what else? Botox.  The esthetician focused on the wrinkling of the neck. Explaining that the constant looking down while texting, keeps the neck contracted causing premature lines and wrinkles.  I thought she just might be onto something.  Who wants a wrinkly, saggy neck?   Her solution?  She’s created a facial that focuses on the neck which consists of cleansing, exfoliation and hydration of that area.

There are certain areas of the body where we neglect our skin and the neck is one of those. So I wouldn’t discount a spa treatment to help that area.  But here’s a few other things you can do to combat these problems. … (Read More)

I Took My Bali Shopping

One Smooth U-Tank

Shapewear makes all the difference in how your clothes look and feel.  Just this past weekend, I went shopping and while it’s fun to pull stuff off the rack, there was the moment I usually dread-trying on clothes.  The thing is, I had on shapewear, my Bali Powershape Smooth Hi-Waist Brief.  Actually there wasn’t much to dread at all.  It made trying things on so much easier because I could see what would work, and saw each outfit’s full potential, sans panty lines, bulges or gaps.  I’m talking sweaters, jeans and corduroys it kept my silhouette smooth.  I have learned that the outfit is better when the “under” fit is smooth and tight.

So this weekend I’m going with Bali again.  I’m going to Circle of Sisters in New York and I’ll be at the Bali booth.  If you’re going to be in New York, you’ll definitely want to check out this event.  Bali will host a workshop where you can check out their Fall ’11 collection and learn more about their shapewear.  You can find more on the event, here.  Just this summer I got a peak at some of their new collection.  And what’s even better than looking good, is that today’s shapewear makes you feel good.

Source: Bali Company

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