Harriette Cole, Life Stylist

It’s not everyday that you get to meet someone who has inspired you through their writing.  So I was excited to meet lifestyle expert and author, Harriette Cole, at the Blogalicious conference in Las Vegas.  She is a best-selling author, coach, life stylist, and now, fashion designer.  Cole was gracious enough to sit down for an interview and discuss her career, reinvention, and the importance of relationships.

RDD: You have such an eclectic mix of expertise.  Many people have several talents and aren’t sure how to harness those passions into a career.  Do you have any advice for them?

HC:  I was always interested in fashion and writing.  My dream was to figure out how to turn those two things into something that I would actually do.   I moved to New York to be a fashion writer and actually got a job as a lifestyle editor with Essence magazine.  Usually things don’t happen when you want them to.  You have to have patience. Often, you might have to do something that is not exactly what you want to do at first, but you can’t lose sight of your goal. … (Read More)

I just can’t get enough of Scandal, Olivia Pope, and those clothes!  After last night’s episode, everyone is wondering where they can find that coat. Yes, another fly coat! … (Read More)

Octavia Spencer for Elle, November 12

Octavia Spencer and Naomie Harris are going nude this November.  Both actresses will grace the cover of fashion magazines (Elle, InStyle UK) wearing nude makeup.  Harris, who will be in the next Bond film opening November 9, is sporting a barely-there, au natural look for InStyle UK.  Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, shows off a retro look for Elle’s Women In Hollywood issue, complete with bouffant ‘do, dramatic eyeliner and L’Oreal Paris’ Fairest Nude lipstick.   … (Read More)

Have Manicure, Will Travel!

Wooden Shoe Like To Know? & Don't Talk Bach To Me

I am really feeling OPI’s Holland collection-particularly Wooden Shoe Like To Know?! Last week as I was prepping for my trip to Vegas, I just couldn’t find the right shade of fabulous.  That’s when someone suggested Wooden Shoe Like To know?  Just looking at the bottle, I knew it was a “No”.  A “Milk Dud” brown on my already brown skin?!  But I decided to humor her and test one nail.
… (Read More)

The Spa at Red Rock Resort

The Facial Room at The Spa at Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas

I’m in Vegas this weekend and after all the ripping and running at the conference, I needed a moment to relax, relate and release. I went to The Spa at Red Rock Casino & Resort. I had the most amazing facial! It was pure, uninterrupted luxury.

After a consultation with lead esthetician, Jeannie Nagy, we decided that I would best benefit from the Radiance facial, which is designed to brighten the skin. This is an 80 minute specialty facial with double exfoliation. The first is a manual mnipulation of granules on the skin. The second is an enzyme peel that was pretty hot (and I mean that literally). … (Read More)

Skincare On The Go!

Eucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturizing Creme

I’m on my way to Vegas, baby!  When you hear Vegas, skincare isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  But for me, it’s top of the list.  I’m packing my Eucerin skin savers for the trip!  Traveling from a crisp, cool climate of the Northeast to Vegas, where it’s sunny and hot is sure to make my skin go crazy.  So here’s what I’m adding to my bag to make sure that I have a smooth trip (pun intended). … (Read More)

Monday Mojo: Elevate!

Simone Tetteh for Vogue

Dignity is a word we don’t hear too often anymore.  But regardless of what you see on TV or read in magazines, the “D” word has never gone out of style.  To truly be successful, that is achieve your goals without regret or adding skeletons to the closet, you must elevate your life.   Setting habits, goals, and principles at a higher standard has to be who we are, not something we do every once in a while. … (Read More)

Eucerin Extra-Enriched Hand Creme

So I know I told you I was going to take you on my journey with me.  As soon as the weather changes, my skin begins to get dryer to the point of some rough patches. There is nothing more awkard and embarrassing than shaking hands and being self-conscious about the texture of your hands.   This fall and winter I wanted to be proactive about reducing this problem.  So I started with Eucerin’s Intense Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme.  I was amazed at just how soft my hands were.  Which got me to thinking, “what will the Smoothing Repair Lotion do for my body?” … (Read More)

Love Cocoa Suede Style

Laura Mercier's Limited Edition Cinema Noir in Cocoa Suede,Organza, Nude Silk

So I was doing a bit of beauty shopping, when I fell in love (again).  This time it was Laura Mercier’s Cocoa Suede nail lacquer!  This is a bottle of chocolatey goodness to feast your eyes on (and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it).  It’s a rich brown, and even on my brown skin it stood out.  Perfect for fall, I’m hoping to pair it with a bold shade of blue (maybe Blue Boy from Chanel’s limited edition last year).  Don’t you just love wearing two totally different polishes and still looking, well…polished!

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Carmen Dell'Orefice NYFW12

This is weekend motivation for sure! An 81 year-old model, Carmen Dell’Orefice, strutted down the catwalk twice—yes, twice—during NY Fashion Week.  Oh, to look this fabulous at 81!  Check out her story in the video below.  The fact that she still struts her stuff with poise and confidence at that age is enough for me. Aaliyah said it best, “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”  I want to be like her when I grow up!

Carmen Dell'Orefice for Vogue

Hear Carmen’s story and watch her take the runway inside! … (Read More)