Beyonce performs on Today Show

In case you missed it, Beyonce performed live on The Today Show on Wednesday. I hear her performance was incredible. I missed it because I was there. That’s right. Rainy Day Diva herself was in the crowd of waving fans that cold morning. There were so many people there that I couldn’t actually see her performance. Actually, you would need to be at least 6’3″ to see her if you didn’t have a prime standing position (shame on Today/NBC for not having an elevated stage–they need a talking to).

I went to the performance because I always wanted to be at one of the Today Show performances, so now I can check that off my list. What I found funny was that a lot of the people there, at least where I was standing, had no clue who Beyonce was!! I kid you not. They were like, “Wow, she must be really popular. My daughter knows who she is. I think.” One guy even said, “I wouldn’t know her if she walked up right now.” Nevertheless, they were an enthusiastic bunch. If you’re wondering why they were there. Most were in town for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade so this was one of the touristy things they wanted to do. But anyway, what I can say is that Beyonce, actually looks better in person. I saw her when she walked the red carpet and trust me her body gaurd is better in person too and I didn’t think that was possible. He put a smile on my face.

While I didn’t witness the Single Ladies dance, first hand (thank goodness for Tivo), her voice was incredible. She sang four songs, and when she got around to At Last, that is when the crowd that didn’t know her could finally hum along.

I guess if Mary J. Blige performs for Today in the future, I’ll have to get up extra early to get a good spot.

Food For Thought

I’m sitting here wanting to tell you all about my weekend:

what I accomplished–clearing out old stuff for charity and adding much needed space to my home and peace of mind.

the good buys I found–Home Goods was packed this weekend and they’ve updated the wall art/paintings;

the realization I had on Sunday–If God don’t like ugly why should I?;

the answer I finally have for those who use lack of money as an excuse to present themselves to the world as broke, busted, and confused…”You have to become your own stylist.”

As much as I would like to expound upon my insightful weekend, I cannot. You see, it’s late, not wee hours late, but late enough to label a snack, a “late-night” snack. And RDD has decided that late-night snacking should remain in the past. A done deal, finito. Like biker shorts and asymetrical hair cuts-it’s over.

I once heard Oprah and Bob say that that late night urge to eat is really caused because your body is beginning to burn fat, which is why you want to eat something.

And I’ve found that the best cure for a late-night snack attack is a good nights sleep. You’re never hungry in your dreams. A little extra sleep will have you feeling well rested, refreshed, and ready for a good breakfast that will get your metabolism going in the morning. Besides, I realized something else this weekend:

Nothing taste as good as a flat stomach feels! On that note, I’m going to turn in early.

So tell me, what do you do to resist the temptation to give in to the snack monster?

This site isn’t just about looking fabulous and having the latest bag. A rainy day diva is someone who knows how to persevere with grace, class, and beauty. Who embodies that spirit more than Robin Roberts of Good Morning America? Last Friday at Essence Magazine’s Women Who Are Shaping the World Summit, Roberts spoke to a packed ballroom about how she positioned herself to go from star athlete to co-anchor of a national morning news show. Robin is quite the comedian.

When she spoke of her most recent battle with breast cancer and her decision to remove her wig before walking in a fashion show for Good Morning America, my eyes were filled with tears, my heart with laughter, and I, like everyone else in attendance, cheered her on as she mimicked her strut and pose down the catwalk. Her advice to us: Embrace who you are where you are!

She was truly inspiring.

Since then, she’s been asked to write a book specifically about her battle with cancer. Her answer was “no”. As Robin explained to us, “My life is not cancer. It is only a chapter.”  Robin’s book, From the Heart, Eight Rules To Live By is in stores now.

Ladies, there’s not much left of October, but it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so please make sure to schedule a visit with your doctor and a mammogram!

Also at the summit was actress and newly wed, Malinda Williams, discussing marriage and relationships along with Finesse and Dr. Michelle Callahan. Malinda is so darling. I mean she looks exactly as she does on film and everyone was raving over how good she looked. I really wanted to know where she got those shoes, but didn’t get a chance to ask. Well, maybe next time.

More details on the summit to come.

With the highly anticipated release of Beyonce’s new CD, you can expect to see a lot more of Beyonce and her alter ego Sasha. In fact, she’s covering magazines on both sides of the pond: InStyle, Essence, and Marie Claire UK. Her pictures are gorgeous. I think these are some of the best photos that I’ve seen of her. While I prefer the InStyle cover (courtesy of, I’ll have to review the inside pics to decide on my favorite. Let me know what you think.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Has anyone ever told you that you are beautiful, pretty, gorgeous? Has someone that shares your features been on the cover of a magazine, labeled “Sexiest Woman”, “One of the million most beautiful”, “Hot”, “Flavor of the month” ? Well let me be the first to warn you, “Don’t hold your breath”. I’m not going to waste your time (or mine) attacking the main stream’s idea of beauty that bombards women of color each day, for one simple reason–it doesn’t matter what “they” (whoever “they” happen to be at the moment) think.

Too many women are waiting to be validated by magazines, TV shows, and men. Well, ladies the truth is the only validation you need is your own. Because our society is always about a certain “look”, you may never receive validation–at least not officially. Society may never acknowledge your beauty openly and that is a fact you will have to accept and move on. Unfortunate, but true.

But I promise you, if you keep your eyes and ears open you’ll see that your beauty and exotic (yeah, I meant “exotic”) features are appreciated, even if the masses refuse to admit it. There’s overwhelming evidence–the tanning industry, lip injections, butt implants, braids, etc. How many summers has someone with a gorgeous tan, said with a smile, “I’m almost as brown as you”? They aren’t trying to get “brown as you’, because they find you unattractive.

The world is full of beautiful people. They come in all races, colors, shapes, and sizes. Count yourself among them. Over the past week or so I have come to realize that I am fortunate, because I recognize beauty in so many people–not every one has that–I consider it a gift. I feel sorry for those that can only see beauty in one shade or size.

This week’s beauty tip is this:

Don’t get angry or become bitter because others don’t see your beauty. Bitterness is NOT cute. You need to see it and believe it first. If not you, then who?

Secondly, don’t get angry at people because of their preferences. We all have preferences. And most of us have at one time or another met someone who wasn’t our “type” that had us head over heels.

Thirdly, when someone tries to tell you that you are not beautiful or lovable don’t believe them. The next time that happens, think of a positive example and then say to yourself or out loud, “That is not true!”

I don’t care who “they” are:
A comedian’s lame joke about the texture of your hair–change the channel! He’s probably not that funny anyway and if he is making that type of joke, he probably has the same texture as you (same as his mama, his daughter, and his aunties).

A news report that says most women who look like you will never marry, change the channel–you can get better news somewhere else ( I mean what is the purpose in that statistic anyway? Really, why do they even care, you don’t meet their ideal, you aren’t their target audience, so what’s the real deal behind that –I’ll save that for another post).

A magazine that tells you that all the men that look like you want women who don’t look like you, put it down, turn the page (even if it is a magazine that is supposed to uplift you, champion you, and be all about you).

Whether the negativity is stated outright or implied, you don’t have to stay tuned. Their need for an audience, ratings or sales does not equal fact. Truth be told, if enough of us were to tune out, they’d change their tune.

Acknowledge your own beauty and I promise you, those that can see it will see it when you see it and believe it first. Stop looking around for the answer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So what do you behold when you see your reflection? Do you see Beauty? You should.

Scent of A Woman

Two of my favorite ladies have announced launching a new fragrance. Halle Berry has announced that her new fragrance will be available in stores in March. The actress says that she was involved in choosing the scents, deciding on a combination of fig and mimosa.

One of my favorite singers–Mary J. Blige– will launch a fragrance for Carol’s Daughter. According to Women’s Wear Daily this is what my favorite ’round the way girl had to say:

” “I’ve always wanted to do a fragrance because I love when men and women smell good.” Although the company is still figuring out the details of the project, Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price said the fragrance is scheduled to come out at the end of next year. As one of the celebrity ambassadors for Carol’s Daughter, Blige does everything from appearing in the brand’s ads to making in-store appearances. “

How Do You Do It?

Unless you’ve been in a coma for the past 6 months you know that the economy is in trouble. People are losing jobs at alarming rates and their is a lot of uncertainty. This is definitely a rainy day. My question to you, Divas, is: How do you do it? In tough times how do you keep yourself (spirit, attitude, and look) together?

You have arrived when you don’t need a movie, CD, reality show, arrest, or sex tape leaked to the internet to cover a magazine. And that is just what J-Lo did this month. She’s on the cover of Elle, simply because she is fabulous. Inside she poses dramatically alongside her favorite designers. Her fashion sense has made her a favorite amongst designers and fans alike–including moi. Check out the October issue of Elle.

A Little Savings

Hello Ladies,

Well I promised I wouldn’t keep sales to myself. So just in case you didn’t know, tomorrow is the first Tuesday in September, which means it’s Platinum Tuesday at Pier 1. You can save an extra 10% using your Pier 1 card. Pier 1 just so happens to be one of my favorite stores. Their fall collection is in. Enjoy!

What’s a Girl to Wear?

Recently I received an invitation to a small get together. I was excited about the event, so when I RSVP’d, I decided to confirm the appropriate attire. The hostess stated that the event was semiformal–dressy. That is when my red flag went off. So I didn’t stop there. I asked again, “so a beaded purse and a little black dress, will be ok?” She corrected me. “No, just nice.” She then informed me that she was wearing a tank with nice slacks. What she really meant was no jeans and sneakers–dress casual.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been left discombobulated over a dress code. The problem is that our society has become so overly casual, that the standard for dressing up is so low, that it barely exist. In some circles, a man having his pants up and a woman’s bra strap not showing are saying something. Rainy Day Divas know better. But the fact is that most of us don’t have enough opportunity to don our best and step out in style. Don’t be afraid to ask or look up this type of information. o in case you’ve forgotten or never really knew the difference between formal, semiformal and cocktail dress codes, don’t be afraid to look it up.

Here’s a cheat sheet for you.

SemiFormal for Women–dressy dress or suit in evening fabric (tafetta, velvet, chiffon, etc), mid-calf or shorter (ballroom gowns are usually formal), evening shoes and small bag (leave the COACH and Louis at home).

SemiFormal for Men–dress suit with shirt and tie (don’t forget the tie); A tuxedo is not necessary.

Have fun!