The Real Housewives of Atlanta Arrive in South Africa

Ok, I know I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I finally caught the Safari episodes of RHOA.  I had slacked off in watching after Ridiculous made his cameo on the show.  But there was so much ado about the ladies trip to Africa, that I had to tune in for a repeat.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.  First of all, let me just assure you that going on a safari is a wonderful experience.  You don’t have to be an animal lover to appreciate beauty of that magnitude.  I went once, and if I ever had the chance to do it again, I’d jump at it. They should have been filled with enthusiasm the opportunity.  To hear some of them refer to it as a “zoo” was disappointing.  Their behavior, attire, and attitude was just like that stripper…ridiculous.

So if you’re thinking about some adventurous travel like going on a safari, let me offer a few helpful hints from me, a RBOS –  Real Blogger On Safari. … (Read More)

Words Of Wisdom

Actress Condola Rashad For InStyle, March 2012

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” – Maya Angelou

As dainty as butterflies appear, it is when they are struggling to emerge from their cocoon that their wings develop their strength.  In a way, many of us are like butterflies.  We may start off grounded, with seemingly limited possibilities.  As we go through life’s struggles we change, growing through adversity until one day we transform.  Emerging beautiful, strong, and able to take ourselves farther than we ever imagined. … (Read More)

Hollywood, Hollywood!

Solange Goes Retro For London Evening Standard

Playing dress up isn’t a past time, it’s an art form and Solange Knowles is the master.  In her photo shoot for the London Evening Standard, she manages to make bowling look sexy.  There’s nothing like a little retro glamour to remind you that some things never go out of style, like big curls, high heels, and a bold red lip. … (Read More)

Naomi Campbell As Tina Turner for V Magazine

Don’t be afraid to step into your greatness!

Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas

It’s hard to believe music fans have been following RozandaChilli” Thomas’ career with TLC for more than two decades. We’ve listened to her music and watched her on television, but what she really wants is for fans to focus on box tops.  That is, Box Tops For Education, a program that provides has helped schools earn over $400 million dollars by clipping box tops coupons from participating products.

On March 15, 2012, Chilli will participate in a Box Tops For Education town hall discussion, hosted by Steve Harvey, to bring attention to the state of education and how parents and communities can help promote academic success and receive school funding.  I recently had the chance to sit down with Chilli Thomas to discuss her involvement with the project, and a few other things.

Denise: How did you become involved with Box Tops For Education?

… (Read More)

Skin Perfecting Kit, RX For Brown Skin

This year, I’ve really been making skin care a priority. I mean, finding “the” regimen that is realistic and that works. One of the issues for me and countless others is hyper-pigmentation. Basically, hyper- pigmentation is when your skin darkens due to an increase in melanin, causing an uneven skin tone. There are various causes but most commonly, it can be due to acne scars, eczema, or sun damage. There are many products that claim to improve the condition. I’ve tried them all, from Hydroquinone to over the counter products.

So I was intrigued about Rx For Brown Skin. Founded by dermatologist, Dr. Susan Taylor, it’s supposed to show improved results within four weeks, which is a nanosecond in the world skin lightening. A little jaded from infomercials and promises of miraculous results I decided to give it a try. … (Read More)

Shut Your Mouth Contest

Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington Star in A Thousand Words

There’s nothing worse than that awkward moment when you realize you’ve gone on a bit too long about something.  Or you feel the familiar pain of having stuck your foot in your mouth-again!   With so many ways to “communicate” and the never- ending need to multi-task, it’s no wonder we just keep talking and talking and talking. If we’re all talking, who’s listening? Everyone from talk show guru’s to sage grandmothers have touted the benefits of being quiet, listening more, and even setting aside days or weekends to just stop talking.

This Friday, March 9th, Eddie Murphy’s latest movie, A Thousand Words, explores this very subject.  In the film Murphy’s character has to zip it up or else.  Yes, his life depends on it!  Kerry Washington co-stars with Murphy and it seems the harder he tries to stop talking the more questions she has.  Have you ever consciously made a decision to live a hushed life. Well, I have and I only made it a half day. (See Trailer Below, Contest Details)

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Esperanza Spalding On The Red Carpet

This is one cool chick!  Esperanza Spalding performed What A Wonderful World, sans bass, at the Oscars Sunday night.  In case you missed it, here’s the audio clip and the video to her latest song, Black Gold.  Afros!!! … (Read More)

Commit To Your Success!


Last weekend while the news coverage was focused on Whitney Houston’s memorial service, I happened to catch the interview she did with Oprah back in 2009 on the OWN network.  Something Whitney said has been on my mind ever since. Oprah asked her how she felt about the passing of Michael Jackson.  It was sad to see the look on Whitney’s face and to hear her say how sad it was that Michael’s life had ended like that.  I don’t remember the exact wording but Oprah asked her if she felt that Jackson’s passing was a warning to her.   … (Read More)

Thank You, Viola Davis!

Viola Davis - 84th Annual Academy Awards

First of all, I’d like to say that I’ve watched the Academy Awards for years and have always been inspired and excited to see, not only the recognition of the artist and their work, but also the celebration of beauty and fashion.  Over the years, I’ve watched the styles and I’ve often felt exuberant, proud, motivated, and sometimes bewildered.  But this year for the first time, I felt honored.   I felt honored because this year one actress-a stellar actress- Viola Davis, did something that I had not seen done before.  She wore her natural hair, sans wig, to the grandest event in Hollywood. … (Read More)