Oooh Aaah Massage

I love a good massage. But it’s not one of those things that ranks high on the list of necessities. That is unless you have a medical condition and even then it falls way down on the list below, prescriptions and co pays. Well there’s a way to relax, re-align and rejuvenate without blowing your budget-Massage Envy. Massage Envy offers full body massages at the low price of $49 for a one hour session. There are multiple massage therapist to choose from and you can get massages that range from deep tissue to Swedish. Now, this is not the full shabang of a spa experience. It is very basic–you won’t find aromatherapy massage although I believe they may soon offer hot stone treatments.

A friend hipped me to Massage Envy about a year ago. I must admit I was skeptical at first. The idea of a McMassage did not fit into my picture of spa pampering. But after my first appointment, I was pleasantly surprised. Candles, heated massage tables, and soft lighting make for a nice spa-like experience without having to book months in advance or hurt your savings. You can also, join their monthly program which means you get one massage each month at the $49 price and then any additional massages are $39. You can’t beat that. Aside from working the tension out of your neck, shoulders and body, massage helps re-align your body, improve your posture and your circulation.

They sell gift certificates also, so you can share the experience. Enjoy.

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