A Little Yellow Dress

Miss America In Yellow

As much as I love pageants, I really don’t watch the Miss America pageant the way I used to.  So I didn’t see the crowning of Miss Nina Davuluri in real time on Sunday night.  So when I finally saw the first Miss America of Indian descent the first thing I thought is, “absolutely gorgeous”!  But while everyone seemed to be into the supposed “controversy” — as if your heritage and melanin levels can be a personal affront— my focus shifted in a different direction.   … (Read More)


R&B Divas LAI caught R&B Divas LA reunion pt. 2 last night and it proved quite amusing.  I mean the pt. 1 reunion was so-so.  But last night they got into the full glory of what I call the female right of passage: she-say, he-say.  And holding center court was the queen of gossip and dysfunction, Ms. Wendy Williams.  Reunion shows and excessive bickering usually repel me, but I stayed tuned in because it is the first time I’ve seen reality show participants be so transparent.

Not only did they blame producers, they were quite upfront about what was said on and “off” camera.  I  kept thinking “are they allowed to tell us all this?”  I was afraid someone’s contract was going to get cancelled.  And I love these ladies too much for that.  So here’s a highlight of the parts that… got me. … (Read More)

Summer Holiday

sunny weather - detail of pink sunshade, Moscow, RussiaIt’s that time of year.  Time to get up, get out, and do something.  Rainy Day Diva is stepping away from the laptop for some much needed down time, catching up time, and “just-be” time.  And who knows, I may have an adventure or two to relate when I return.  Until then…

Rainy Day Diva Returns September 2013

Tonic Water with Quinine

Tonic Water with Quinine

The best part of a workout is the end.  In an effort to increase my strength, endurance, flexibility I signed up for bootcamp.  5:30 a.m. is tough enough, but the workout that follows is not for the faint of heart.  The soreness (especially in the beginning) is brutal.  I could barely walk or lift my arms.  Thankfully, I found an answer to my problem.  If you really want to workout without feeling stiff, sore and aged afterwards try this. … (Read More)

Serena Williams Wins French Open 2013Ok, I’m not actually the winner, here.  But I was so proud of these ladies that I felt like I’d won.  Two of my favorite ladies (both are coaches/mentors in my head) won big this weekend.  First up, Serena Williams won the 2013 French Open.  She followed up her win with a victory speech that she gave in fluent French. … (Read More)

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Scandal Backlash

Something about this Thursday feels a little different.  That’s because this Thursday there will be no Scandal.  I’m going to miss this show tremendously this summer.  And I’m not the only one.  The web is still buzzing about the finale and the lead character, Olivia Pope.  By the way, I’ve been wanting to thank Shonda Rhimes. Because the finale made it “OK” to like a character with a very unlikeable trait, reveal all of her flaws, have her fail and still like her.  That’s writing at it’s finest.

However, as I perused the web to see what other Scandal fans were saying, I came across the Scandal backlash.  Yes there really is such a thing. … (Read More)

Steaz Green Teas

Steaz! A Variety Of Delicious Flavors

For me there is nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of iced tea.  But I’ve discovered a new tea fix: Steaz!  It’s green tea in a can and comes in multiple flavors (Blueberry Pomegranate is my favorite)!  Ok, let me dial it back and give you the back story.   … (Read More)

Peace Of Mind:Origins

The last few weeks have been grueling.  Packing, moving, going— just doing a lot.  One thing that kept me going was my Peace Of Mind.  I’m not talking about a state of being (though that helps).  This is one of my go-to products, … (Read More)

Scandal, Airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC

A new episode of Scandal always leaves me with a cocktail of thoughts about the show, the writing, and of course, the fashion.  There’s always a shock at the audacity of the clients and their, well…scandals.  A feeling of empowerment watching the tenacity of chief fixer, Olivia Pope and her Gladiators, and a whole lot of, “ain’t this some…,” well you know, the rollercoaster love triangle with Olivia and Fitz.

… (Read More)