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Remember when you were a kid and you did your first cart wheel? You ran to your parents, “Look, Ma. Look.” You waited so anxiously for her smile and if she didn’t look, you persisted, “Ma, watch me.” Then there was the gold star in class. I remember how proud those stars made me feel. Validation. It helped us shape our perception of who we were and our accomplishments. it was appreciated and needed. But now that we are women, we have to face the truth–validation is a luxury. If we get noticed great. If we have people who cheer us on as we run this race, that’s wonderful, too. But all too often, that doesn’t happen, at least not in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes the people we love the most don’t understand all of our hopes and dreams, they may not even understand us. So who will you be then?

It is up to you to validate your own dreams and goals. Become your biggest fan. Define who you are, no one else can truly do that for you. Whatever you do, don’t give up. If the cheers come, welcome them with open arms. If they don’t, continue to embrace who you are fully. You may encourage someone else to validate their own ticket.

Today’s Quote:
Remember Who You Are
–Mufasa, The Lion King

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