About Rainy Day Diva

It started on a rainy spring afternoon, I was leaving the salon, pleased with my new look, but concerned about not getting my hair wet.  I paused at the door, collecting my things and my thoughts before I took that first step outside the safety of the salon.  I struggled to protect my freshly done “do” with an umbrella and a rain scarf until I could get to my next safe destination–a cafe.  I sat there peeping in a mirror to see if I my curls had managed to survive the weather.  It was there that it dawned on me that, that rainy day, was much like life.  Where we, as women, try to maintain our style, grace, and beauty regardless of what the outside world has in store for us.  We may struggle, but we try.  More often than not, we succeed with a little help from our rain scarves and umbrellas, be they literal or not.  I would have  never left the salon that day without being prepared and neither should you.  And so, Rainy Day Diva was born.

Whether it is precipitation or challenging times, a Rainy Day Diva knows how to keep her style together.  This site offers the 411 on Beauty, a splash of style, and a dash of inspiration, for the diva that doesn’t go out of style, regardless of the weather.

Who Am I?

I am a native of Richmond, Virginia and the author of one children’s book.  I’ve done some freelance writing.  Currently, I am developing a seminar to teach youths about career choices and possibilities. Aside from reading, I love spas, beauty products, and positive conversation.