Scandal, Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC

The plot thickens and the critics circle. In this week’s episode of Scandal, Hell Hath No Fury, the scandal du jour involves a spoiled 27-year-old on trial for rape. He’s the son of one of Olivia’s friends, a judge.   He’s so concerned about these charges that he sleeps late and wakes up with jokes.  Back at the white house, the President is having trouble getting shut-eye.  Convinced that Starbucks wasn’t going to get him through the day, the First Lady forces a sleep-in.

Meanwhile, Golden Boy has never actually said he’s innocent of these rape charges. Instead, he wants to increase the dollar amount of the offer, since the first one was rejected. He makes the mistake of saying “they always take the money in the end.” This isn’t his first turn as “the accused.” While Olivia and her associates work on that, there are new developments in the ongoing scandal. … (Read More)

Wordless Wednesday

Jennifer Lopez for Vogue, Shape Issue


Scandal, Thursdays on ABC

If you missed Scandal last night, here’s the recap.  This week Olivia Pope and associates are representing Washington D.C.’s finest madame.  In fact, only Quinn, the eager and impressionable new-hire, is the only one unaware of who this woman is.  In true-to-life fashion, she’s been exposed by one of her girls and is now on the hook, not for justice but for the list that holds the names of her clients.  Not wanting to jeopardize her dual role of devoted grandma, she’s holding out and looking to Pope to keep her only ace.  Just when we were convinced that Olivia only goes after the bad guys. … (Read More)


Try adding lemon to your skincare routine

My quest for a skin brightener has halted.  At least for the moment anyway.  I mentioned before that I had found some products that showed promise (yes, results). However, I soon discovered the power of a natural ingredient-lemons!  Yes, it turns out that if you add a little lemon juice to your facial cleanser, you will notice a much brighter complexion.  It’s like waking up your skin.  And we could all use a little pick me up here and there.

Over time, your skin can get that dull look.  That definitely means you need to exfoliate.  Still, you might notice that your skin, may just not look alert, bright.  Most cosmetic counters have a skin brightening cream to wake up your complexion.   But before you invest that, try lemon juice.  Hello!  It works.  I tried it initially with a little baking soda. Just one squeeze of lemon, cleansed and rinsed.  Not only did it feel invigorating but I noticed a difference immediately.

Now here’s the rub: lemon juice delivers all over brightness.  So if you have hyper pigmentation issues, you would have to spot treat.

It doesn’t smooth your skin or change texture.  So if you have resurfacing issues, you’ll still need another  product.

The great thing about this is that a lemon cost all of $0.99.  Some have experienced a slight sting (I didn’t), so just see what your results are.

The thing is, it is a natural product and like other products that you put on your skin, it’s going to keep working.  So I would suggest that you be diligent about using sun screen and try it just a few times a week.

Have you integrated natural ingredients into your skin care routine?  Let me know.

Joan Smalls, Vogue Australia May 2012

Joan Smalls is the cover girl of Vogue Australia’s Global Beauty issue.  Not only does she look amazing in a mix of floral prints, soft pastels, and bold color choices, the makeup contrasts her wardrobe consistently with dark plum lips and nail color.

I love it!  I’ll admit I usually steer clear of darker shades of lipstick and nail color for spring and summer.  This shoot gives us a different take.  Who says you can’t wear deep shade or vampy lip and still not look like spring time?  I have a few favorites in mind, that will help you get this look! More of Joan Smalls photo shoot for Vogue Australia below. … (Read More)

Scandal, Beauty & Style

Kerry Washington is Olivia Pope, Scandal

Last night was the long awaited premiere of the new television series Scandal starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope.  Created by writer/producer, Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy), the show follows Olivia Pope as a fixer of sorts-we’re talking crisis management at the highest stakes.  I have to give it to them, they didn’t disappoint on scandal or drama.  Equally exciting was that they delivered on beauty and style. Power separates that delivered a professional elegance, took Pope from morning to night, from the boardroom to the oval office.  The show opened with a head-turning white trench and grey pants.

From beginning to end, Pope’s makeup and wardrobe definitely showed that less is more! Here’s a few beauty and style notes to take from last night’s episode. … (Read More)

Scandal Premiere Recap

Scandal, Starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

Last night was the premiere of Scandal starring Kerry Washington as fixer, Olivia Pope.  When we first meet Pope she’s in an elevator with one of her associates, discussing a strategy for the meeting she’s about to have with a group of Russian mob bosses.  Pope manages to intimidate the mobsters with threats that include a flight delay at Dulles, TSA trouble at every major airport all over the world, and then negotiates a 50% discount on the ransom money, leaving with her hair and white trench coat still flawless.

Pope makes it clear that she relies on her intuition to determine her next move.  She’s not just a fixer, she is officially on super hero status.  In fact, the only thing that could make Pope any flyer, would be an invisible plane and a golden lasso.

… (Read More)

Damome Roberts 1968

So I was at the nail spa when I got a compliment on an unknown shade of blue polish I was wearing.  Turns out, there was a woman of a certain age next to me who really liked the bold shade of blue that was being erased from my nails.  She started talking about how she would love to be able to wear polishes like that. After a few minutes of chatting, she was reconsidering that murky frosted beige she had picked out.  Honestly, it looked more like a condition than a nail color.

On the other side of me there was a woman admiring my chosen color - Cute As A Button by Essie.  It’s a bright, eye-catching almost watermelon hue, that screams spring, even if it doesn’t quite feel like it. She, too wanted to amp up her manicure with something different. … (Read More)

Style & Order: Lo & Sons

The O.G. Bag by Lo & Sons

The O.G. bag by Lo & Sons has changed my travel style and life.  I was turned on to this great find by Monica of Blue Print For Style last fall.  This is my Style & Order testimony.  The O.G. bag by Lo & Sons is not only stylish, but it can hold everything I need and want.  When I travel, be it on vacation or a long commute, I like to have a variety of things at my disposal.  Journal, magazines (digital doesn’t always work for me), an extra pair of shoes, sweater, snacks, iPad-the list goes on.  This usually means that I have to be uber creative to get all that I need on the plane and then I have to struggle to get my carry-on under the seat.  You know my pain, right?

With the O.G. bag (overnight, gym bag) it has space for all of those things.  The great thing is that the inside is reasonably structured. There’s a compartment for everything with ample size.  Not to mention that there are pockets that allow it to slide right over the handles of my rolling luggage.

I also use it for long days and commutes.  I would not substitute it for my hand bag, it comes in handy for those long conferences and road trips as well. It comes in red, olive, and lavender.  Now, Lo & Sons has introduced the O.M.G. bag, which is a medium version of the original O. G.   At $275 the O.G. is a little pricey, but it’s worth every penny.

What’s your favorite travel accessory?

Everything In It's Place - The O.G. Bag

Versatile - The O.G. Bag by Lo & Sons

Just Add Water

Hair gets dry in the winter. But even with the warm days, we’re still turning up the heat at night which can dry out your locks.  Deep conditioners are great but there are a few things you can do to make sure your hair gets the moisture it needs 24/7.

  • Having moisture in the air helps.  Create humidity by boiling a pot of water.  Or create your own humidifier by wetting a towel and hang it on your bedroom door while you sleep.  In the morning the towel will be dry and your hair won’t.
  • Drinking water won’t just help your skin and internal organs, it helps moisturize your entire body including your hair, so drink up.
  • The last thing you need is more hot air.  Skip the hair dryer and let your hair air dry.