Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson are covering the May issue of Ebony. I had to post these pictures of them, because I just got so excited when I saw them for myself. Both ladies look stunning. Congrats to Ebony on a job well done. Just looking at these pics wanted to make me “get dressed” not to mention work out. Both of these ladies fall into what I call the “undeniably grown” category.

When I was a girl, I used to see pictures of women in magazines with their makeup and their gowns and I couldn’t wait to grow up, prancing around in my mom’s high heels, practicing for the day when it would be my turn to be one of those women. I think most little girls do that. But somewhere along the way, the grown women started wanting to be little girls. Go figure? Slowly, but surely, being grown started going out of style and mama’s started dipping into their daughter’s closets and if you managed not to look completely broke down by the tender (yes, tender) age of let’s say 30 or so, you looked “good for your age”. I’m telling you something turned the world upside down for a minute.

But I thank Ebony magazine, for helping me and all the other Divas, set matters straight.

Good day, Ladies.

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