In My Shoes

When I saw these shoes, I couldn’t help but grin. These dazzling pumps are part of Christian Louboutin’s fall ’09 collection. And right now I’m trying to figure out how I can work them into my wardrobe. Where I would be stepping out to in these heels, I can’t imagine, but I bet they could take me a few places, that last year’s mules didn’t. I love shoes, but I find that my closet is far more manageable when I buy clothes first and shoes second. It is far easier to find the perfect shoes for an outfit than it is to find the right outfit for the perfect shoes. And believe me, I’ve tried. Shoes are hard to resist.

Sometimes you know the fit isn’t right, the price is too expensive and the heel is way too high. You keep looking in that mirror, prancing back and forth thinking of how good they look and how they make you feel-happy, fashionable, even sexy. You trick yourself into ignoring the discomfort (they’ll give a little). You ignore the sound of your mental calculator adding up the costs, until you find yourself at the register, smiling, all excited about your new sole mates.  It only takes one night out and having your baby toe ignite, the ball of your foot ache, and straps cut off your circulation to acknowledge a universal truth: comfort is highly underrated. And comfort is compatibility, finding the perfect fit, so you can strut instead of limp, dance instead of hobble. Are we still talking about shoes? So you promise to always buy your shoes early, get a medium (never squeeze into a narrow) and stop pretending that the difference in half sizes doesn’t matter. And you commit yourself fully to this truth and your new perspective. That is, until the next shoe sale. Seriously, If I had a dollar for every time I had to pose in a pair of shoes because I couldn’t walk in them, I could take a vacation. So what about you, what pains have you suffered for that “perfect” pair of shoes?

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