Drawing The Line

Eyeliner 1

Eighties style is back in a big way and not just in your closet.  Makeup trends from those years gone by are making their  way back to our beauty shelves. And here’s the fun part.  We are now officially grown enough to wear the looks. No more sneaking out of the house with an eye liner pencil and cherry flavored gloss in your book bag.  What’s hot this fall is color eye liner.  Think electric blue, bright green and yes, purple.

While there’s nothing subtle about  blue eyeliner, let’s not get too caught up in the moment and go Boy George on this one, ladies.   When working this look you want to think sophistication, not Karma Kameleon.  The model above is wearing HIP Cream Eye Crayon in intricate Blue for Harper’s Bazaar.  A bit striking for the office (well, my office), but as always, you can modify your look for the venue and the occasion. Personally, I’m experimenting with Christian Dior’s Precision Eye Liner in Plum.  Question.  Do you think asymmetrical hair cuts and Jherri Curls will come back?  Nah!

Remembering The 80′s

TV:  The Cosby Show (Thursday night was “the” night to watch)

Movies: Fame, Flashdance, Breakin’, Back To The Future, Purple Rain

Anthem: What Have You Done For Me Lately  by Janet Jackson (this one still applies)

Influence: Jody Watley, Madonna, Salt-n-Peppa

Music:  Run DMC, LL Cool J, Doug E. Fresh, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Spandeau Ballet, Sade

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2 Responses to “Drawing The Line”

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    tc — October 16, 2009 @ 1:08 pm

    ooooh, whatchu know `bout sneakin’ makeup in your book bag? LOL.

    • Denise replied: — October 21st, 2009 @ 12:59 am

      I’m an authority on the subject. One time I caught the bus down town after school, just to go to the Fashion Fair counter. I convinced the woman behind the counter to give me a natural look. I was so excited about that Tawny Glo foundation (the pink and gold compact) and eye liner. You couldn’t tell me I didn’t belong in Right On! Tootie and Charlene (remember Janet Jackson was Charlene on Different Strokes) didn’t have anything on me. When my mom saw me…that was an interesting conversation.