So just a few weeks ago, the highly anticipated television show, Reed Between The Lines, made its debut.  I must say I was a fan, not only because of the Cosby-esque vibe, Malcolm Jamal Warner, or seeing Joan on T.V. again (kinda).  From the first episode, I was equally captivated by what Dr. Carla Reed (Ross) was wearing.

Fashionistas are loving the Zara and Marc Jacobs blouses.  But I can’t help but take note of the accessories, the makeup (from fire-inspired reds to soft pink), and ultimately the hair.  Not only did they devote an episode to the natural hair or relaxer conundrum, but Ross’ hair changes from kinky curly fro to Brett girl bounce with every scene and I love it.  And for those of you who don’t know, sometimes Ross and her wardrobe stylists live tweets the show, giving us play by play on what she’s wearing.  So here’s a look at Dr. Reeds runway from this week.

Dr. Reed (l), Anna Maria Horseford (r)

I just love this tote! I’ve got to find out who makes it!

Dr. Carla Reed (Ross) In Session

Dr. Carla Reed (Reed Between The Lines), episode 8

Tracee Ellis Ross, World Of Curls

Reed Between The Lines airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on BET.  To watch an episode now click, here.

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