Okay, I was called out on my movie review of Seven Pounds. So I am going to clarify it once and for all. If you haven’t seen this film and intend to do so, you should grab your mouse and click on your way right now. I thought I had made my feelings clear on this movie, but after reviewing my initial review, I can understand how some were confused. So here goes:

This was some crazy mess! There I typed it. Now, let me explain. I think Will did an excellent job as did every actor that worked alongside him in this film. The script was great as script writing goes. The problem for me was the subject and the ending. A jellyfish? Really?!? What was stingingly obvious (pun intended) to me is that this movie was not written for Will and I applaud the casting directors and producers for their choice, but still…a jellyfish?

What bothered me is what was the real message here? It’s ok to take a bath with a jellyfish as long as you do some good for someone else beforehand. Ahhh, but you’re doing harm to one person…you. I would have rathered him use some of that time and money on his mental health benefits and get some help (seriously, people do not use their mental and dental benefits enough as it is).

I cannot celebrate a person who was in that much pain and lost–even in a film. I wanted him to win! His good deeds did not redeem the fact that the person he couldn’t help was himself.

And on a lighter note, I just don’t want to see Will Smith get worked over by a jellyfish. No! That’s just wrong. A few losing rounds with a robot or an alien are ok, but a jellyfish…NO!! That scene could have been a whole lot shorter. I’m telling you if it had been me, after the first sting I would have changed my mind and I would have wore that jellyfish out! There are so many handy weapons in a bathroom, Epsom Salt,Comet…Oh it would have been on.

You know Saturday Night Live is going to do a parody with someone wrestling a squid or an octopus out of a bathroom toilet, right. Now that is going to be hillarious. What should they call it…Seven Rinses…Seven Flushes…no I got it…Jelly Flush…

Now, if you’re wondering why I didn’t state this so plainly before, it’s because this blog is not about dogging people out for the fun of it. You can get that over at any miserable, simple and bitter blog–at last count there were a million of them out there. If you’re visiting RainyDayDiva, it’s because you want something different. Having said that, you reminded me that you also come here for honesty and the humor that is uniquely and refrsehsingly, moi. So I promise not to forget that in the future. You can stop calling me out in the salon and on my cell( I might change my number).

However, for those of you who saw the movie based on my original review, I must inform you that RainyDayDiva will not offer any refunds on movie tickets. I do understand that your 11 year old is now afraid to visit the aquarium, but the movie was PG-13, so that was on you. Please visit your nearest mental health care provider.

Will, keep doing you…we love you.

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One Response to “Stay Tuned (pt. 2) Movie Review *Clarification*”

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    Mona — January 22, 2009 @ 5:57 pm

    Thank goodness for that clarification! I really loved being spared from this. Some times you are just not in the mood for this stuff. If I had gone an seen that some points would have been lost, ah but you redeemed yourself.