Women of Power Summit Pt. 1

Black Enterprise’s fourth annual Women of Power Summit,was held in Orlando this year at the Ritz Carlton. I attended several workshops on Thursday, everything from Second Acts and New Beginnings to Surviving for Economic Downturns and as promised, Women and Money:Money Management and Investing.

There were so many good points to share, I really don’t know where to begin. But since I did mention the recession knocking at my door last week, I will say that one of the key points from the Women and Money workshop was changing your relationship with money and how you view money–thinking about your finances in a positive way. Elon Bomani suggested we change our mindset from one of poverty to one of wealth. Stacey Tisdale, suggested, “Get in touch with your priorities.” She noted that our financial goals are often vague. She says we should consider what we want our lives to look like to help us when setting financial goals. Otherwise, we spend a lot of time on things that aren’t important. Earlier in the day, Paula Madison, Executive Vice President of Diversity for NBC, cautioned us to not define ourselves by our job titles, stating that as the beginning of losing one’s self. Instead she suggested we focus on defining success for ourselves.

The Women of Power summit is encouraging and inspiring. And after all that inspiration, I made my way to the Spa for a little rejuvenation by way of massage. Undfortunately, I’m still having a bit of technical difficulty on the pictures front, but I am working on it. More info to come on Friday’s program, including the EnVogue concert.

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    Mona — February 16, 2009 @ 10:04 pm

    I particiluarly enjoyed the caution to not allow titles to define you. In the business that I am in, I can wear about 3 different types of hats under my profession. What if I allowed, with a job change, my title to define me? I feel that allowing titles to define you it can hinder you from the clarity to set up your own professional strategic plan. I look forward to more insights.