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I ran out of one of my favorite products, Hair Milk by Carol’s Daughter.  I’d always used it to moisturize my hair from time to time, but since I started wearing my hair natural it has become a staple.  So I rushed to the store and was a bit surprised when I discovered that not only had the packaging changed, but the line had been expanded to include a shampoo and conditioner.  So I asked the sales person, “What’s up?”  She explained that this system was developed to allow people to define their natural curl pattern.  Now if you read this blog regularly you know I have a couple of favorites I already have for that.  So I couldn’t quiet wrap my mind around it.  I asked, where is the regular hair milk, to which she picked up the bottle and smiled at the new packaging.

OK, it took a minute but I got it.  I was supposed to use Hair Milk, the product I use to moisturize daily, to actually define my curl pattern.  I didn’t believe it would work, but I decided to give it a try anyway.  All three products have a light and similar scent.  I loved the shampoo.  It gave everything a shampoo should give-rich lather, smooth texture.  The conditioner got the job done, but it wasn’t thick enough to detangle my hair.  I felt like I had to use an excessive amount to get the manageability that I get with the conditioner in other curl-defining product systems.  I also didn’t like that it was not a leave in conditioner.  That’s just a personal preference.  Once I completed the shampoo and conditioner, it was time for the real test.

I thoroughly worked the Hair Milk through my hair from root to end and then let it air dry.  I was impressed with the results.  I thought that my hair would dry out and my curls would turn to a frizzy shag.  The exact opposite happened.  My hair was curly and light.  Thumbs up to Carol’s Daughter for creating a product that left my hair lighter tban any of the other products that I’ve used previously.  I’ve also gotten quite a few compliments on this one.  My concern was also that it wouldn’t last and that I’d have to wet my hair everyday.  But here I am four days later and my curls are still doing their thing.

Overall here’s my rating:

Hair Milk Shampoo: A

Hair Milk Conditioner: B-

Hair Milk: A+

I think it would be nice if they would make a larger size to go along with the one that they have.  They do offer a sample size for $9.99

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