Love It, Whip It- Your Hair!

The past couple of weeks I’ve had an incredible time interviewing some phenomenal women.  I’m always interested in how others persevere, rebound and one of the questions I’ve posed to them is, “How do we get girls to feel fabulous about themselves in the same way?”  I’ll save their responses for later.

For now, I find it interesting that 2 videos hit the small screen and the web last week, encouraging young ladies to appreciate their beauty and live with confidence.  I know it’s meant for the kids, but I can’t help but notice that it speaks to the little girl inside all of us.  I actually had a hairstylist ask me once, why were so many African American women were reluctant to shake their hair, when he asked them to after styling.  Hmm. Something to think about.  Not everyone grew up with hair issues.  I certainly didn’t.  Still it’s refreshing to see and hear your style and beauty celebrated.

First up is Sesame Street‘s, I Love My Hair.  Last week the classic children’s T.V. program showed an African American muppet who sang about how much she loved the versatility of her hair.   How did this concept come about.  Well the writer and muppeteer who developed this is the Caucasian father of an African American daughter and he saw that there were not many images that celebrated her hair texture in the media.  For more on this dad’s tribute to his daughter, click here.

Second, is Miss Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada.  Willow debuted the video to her first single, Whip My Hair, which shows her dancing and having fun in various stages of braided 9-year-old cuteness.  I love it!  What’s even cuter is seeing both the muppet and Willow working it out simultaneously. Click that button! To see Willow’s full video, click, here.

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