Rihanna in Max Azaria for Vogue

When I first heard that Rihanna would cover Vogue‘s tenth annual Shape issue, I was excited-almost salavating as I thought about fashion that would drip from the pages. Finally that day has come and well, let’s just say the pictures are…pretty. Does Rihanna look stunning? Yes. Is Annie Lebowitz an awesome photographer? No doubt.

Still I was expecting something different, a bit more fashion forward and adventurous. There’s something about this spread that is just a bit too nautical for my taste. What I’m so glad about is that in the picture above, they chose to forego red nail polish. It would have been too much, really. The cranberry-colored short ‘do is a winner. What do you think, did it live up to they hype or did you have a “Ruh-Roh” moment? See the full gallery, here.

Rihanna in DKNY Body Suit, Midnight Blue

Rihanna Covers Vogue's Shape Issue

Source: Vogue.com; Photographer: Annie Lebowitz

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