Python Pedicure

Terri Silacci's Python Pedicure

There’s something about reptiles.  I have been accused of having too many reptiles in my closet.  There’s something about shoes and bags with the textured print that make me stop, drop and buy.  Well now I have options.  I can add a little reptilian flair to my style without adding to my wardrobe.  Manicurist, Terri Silacci, has created the python pedicure.  Silacci overlays actual snakeskin over top of gel nails, a process which can take up to two hours.  After the nails have been curated with a UV light, she trims the snakeskin to the nail.

Now before you go “ewww”, keep in mind that the snakeskin has been shed, not taken.  So what the snake leaves to nature, Silacci uses for style.  Ahhh! A python pedicure is fashionably priced at $300, and is available for manicures as well.  For more pics of the python pedicure click here.

Python Pedicure

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