Thank You, Viola Davis!

Viola Davis - 84th Annual Academy Awards

First of all, I’d like to say that I’ve watched the Academy Awards for years and have always been inspired and excited to see, not only the recognition of the artist and their work, but also the celebration of beauty and fashion.  Over the years, I’ve watched the styles and I’ve often felt exuberant, proud, motivated, and sometimes bewildered.  But this year for the first time, I felt honored.   I felt honored because this year one actress-a stellar actress- Viola Davis, did something that I had not seen done before.  She wore her natural hair, sans wig, to the grandest event in Hollywood.

On a night when the world would be watching, she stood as regal and elegant as a queen, with her God-given curls as her crown.  For that I want to thank Viola Davis. Not because those of us who wear natural styles need validation or a self-esteem boost.  No.  I thank her because by choosing to wear her natural hair for such an occasion, she has provided another portrait of beauty, a different way to describe glamour, and a different view of elegance.

With just her presence and confidence , Viola broadened the spectrum of what is considered beautiful.  It is a valuable lesson for all of us, regardless of hair texture or any other external factor.  You can actually be A-list, beautiful, recognized and still be you! Viola, by stepping into who you are, you have honored and inspired so many! Thank you, Viola Davis!

Viola Davis Goes High Fashion For LA Times Magazine

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    tchin — February 29, 2012 @ 1:23 pm

    she was a stunner Sunday night.