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The plot thickens and the critics circle. In this week’s episode of Scandal, Hell Hath No Fury, the scandal du jour involves a spoiled 27-year-old on trial for rape. He’s the son of one of Olivia’s friends, a judge.   He’s so concerned about these charges that he sleeps late and wakes up with jokes.  Back at the white house, the President is having trouble getting shut-eye.  Convinced that Starbucks wasn’t going to get him through the day, the First Lady forces a sleep-in.

Meanwhile, Golden Boy has never actually said he’s innocent of these rape charges. Instead, he wants to increase the dollar amount of the offer, since the first one was rejected. He makes the mistake of saying “they always take the money in the end.” This isn’t his first turn as “the accused.” While Olivia and her associates work on that, there are new developments in the ongoing scandal.

A mysterious package arrives for the President.  It’s an audio file of the President and Amanda involved in a Marvin Gaye moment.  Of course, Silas declares it black mail. Not just from Amanda, but Olivia as well. Amanda is clueless and Olivia would need a sick day if she heard that tape.  I’ve got money it’s one of these ambitious reporters or (gasp!) the first lady.

While Stephen confronts Olivia that representing Amanda is a conflict of interest, she receives a call inviting her to a states dinner at the white house. Olivia arrives in a white gown. Innocently enough the First Lady encourages the president to dance with Olivia.  Completely oblivious, they comply.  As if on queue the orchestra strikes up a romantic AMC classic song. With his wife just ten feet away, he asks Olivia to meet him at their spot in ten minutes.

Olivia begins making her way to the rendezvous point only to be intercepted by Silas, who doesn’t hesitate to share his thoughts on her affair with the president.  Olivia responds, “You want to be careful with how you speak to me because I might forget that we are friends.”  But Silas doesn’t scare easily.  ”What he told you he loved you? You’re going to meet him at your spot? You’re being played…”  Olivia doesn’t have time to gain her composure before Silas has her escorted off of the property. But he’s not done. He tells the president that Olivia was playing him.

The truth comes to light.  Olivia reaches out to the judge a.k.a. Enabling Mother and has a real conversation about how not to get played.  Mom agrees and Mr. Silver Spoons is arrested.  And finally, the President has an ‘aha’ moment and asks the first lady why she invited Olivia to the states dinner.   She puts on a stepford wife smile that suggests she knows more than she’s letting on. You don’t think her and Silas are in this thing together, do you? Nah!  Olivia pressures Amanda for proof of her affair with the President.  It’s not the audio, the cute dog, or a blue dress.  Amanda’s pregnant!  I don’t care what Robert Bianco says, this is getting good!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  What do you think of Scandal?

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