Special Delivery: Curl Box!

Curl Management-Curl Box!

I am so excited that I am finally receiving my Curl Box.  Yes, I made it off of the waiting list to get one of the most coveted beauty services going.  If you’ve been living on the fringes of curl society and don’t know what that is, let me fill you in.  

Curl Box is a monthly beauty subscription service that delivers a variety of products for curly natural hair!  We’re talking everything from shampoos and conditioners to curl puddings and serums.

Beauty subscription services are an excellent way to explore different products without making a major investment in dollars and time, or shelf space (I posted about Birch Box some time ago)!  Let’s face it, when it comes to hair care products some are hard to find, only sold regionally, or only online with high shipping costs.  For $20 a month, Curl Box delivers the curl diversity I need.

Not only do you get products, hair care and styling tips are also included.  The July Curl Box included summer styling tips from celebrity stylist and Motions brand ambassador, Ursula Stephen.  Last month I interviewed Ursula at the Essence Music Festival.   See my interview with Ursula here!

Here’s a peek inside my #curlBox!

My August Curl Box

July Curl Box

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