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Loving Your Tresses - Curl Peace

Just in the past week, I’ve had two people consult me on their curl issues.  Basically, they’ve not only asked for product recommendations, but have also gone on rants about their frustration with their hair.  I understand the frustration.

I still feel like a first-grader when it comes to natural hair.  I have days where my curls shift, puff, and frizz out!  I’ve gotten tons of compliments and a considerable number of blank stares.  Literally, we’ve been stressed and perplexed about what’s going on on top of our heads.  At some point we have to make peace with our hair.

Loving your hair and having it love you back is a process.

Get to know your curls. It’s no secret that I’d rather go to a salon than experiment with hair products.  The thing about it, is that doing my own hair has helped me to understand my strands better.  It makes it easier to work with and keeps my expectations realistic.

Know your power. I had to understand what my hair will and will not do.  Loose, bouncy, elongated, silky curls is not my forte.  So I embrace my springy, coily, sometimes (shrinking) style.  Your hair will not look like the person’s next to you.  You’d have to change your DNA.  Just look for those styles that work for you!  There are plenty.

When you rock a style with confidence, there are those that are going to be attracted to it.  Don’t worry about the masses.  Or those that subscribe to only one narrow, standard of beauty-they are boring folks!  Your job is to widen your perception of beauty to include you!

I had a close family friend, give my curls that blank stare.  I was a bit taken back. Then it hit me, “Didn’t you have a jheri curl back in the day?”  Ha, I had him.  He had to laugh.  Yeah, not only did he like those soupy curls enough to buy them.  But as I recall, he financed them for the whole family.

Peoples perceptions change.  And sometimes people don’t know what they like until they see it.  So just make sure that when it comes to your hair, you love it!

Here’s one more bonus to making peace with your hair.  Curls are freedom!  Rain is no longer an enemy.  A workout is no longer a hair challenge.  Dance as hard as you like.  Sweating your hair out is a thing of the past.  Relax by the pool.  No, really.  You can relax.  A few splashes won’t mess up your style.

Now don’t get me wrong, a fly style is still work, just no worries! Whether your curls are spiraled, coiled, or puffed, here’s to curl peace!

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