Love Cocoa Suede Style

Laura Mercier's Limited Edition Cinema Noir in Cocoa Suede,Organza, Nude Silk

So I was doing a bit of beauty shopping, when I fell in love (again).  This time it was Laura Mercier’s Cocoa Suede nail lacquer!  This is a bottle of chocolatey goodness to feast your eyes on (and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it).  It’s a rich brown, and even on my brown skin it stood out.  Perfect for fall, I’m hoping to pair it with a bold shade of blue (maybe Blue Boy from Chanel’s limited edition last year).  Don’t you just love wearing two totally different polishes and still looking, well…polished!

But that wasn’t the only shade that caught my eye from Laura Mercier’s Cinema Noir collection.  Nude Silk is another hot color.  It’s a nude, but bland it is not.  Think a toasty shade with just a dusting of pink rose.  You have to check it out because photos just don’t capture the true color.   If you want a fall manicure that’s just slightly nostalgic about summer, Nude Silk is it!  Though it’s not part of the Cinema Noir set, Twilight—a deep eggplant shade of purple is quite intriguing and it just might make my winter pedicure polish list!

Laura Mercier's Twilight

What shade are you looking forward to wearing this fall, ladies?

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One Response to “Love Cocoa Suede Style”

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    Vicki — September 23, 2012 @ 11:13 pm

    will give Nude Silk a try.