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Essence has released a new book, The Black Woman’s Guide to Healthy Living. This is one you might want to add to your collection. This guide covers everything from prevention testing to reflexology and each section has specifics for every decade of life from 20′s to 50′s. I love the fact that they include Happiness as part of a healthy living book. There’s even a food journal and recipes in the back. I think this is a good book for everyone. The chapter that focuses on exercise takes you beyond step class, suggesting yoga and African Dance–that’s fun you should try it.

What didn’t surprise me is that they didn’t mention Willpower & Grace. Yoga and Pilates are pretty commonplace. Most people have heard of them even if they haven’t tried it. Willpower & Grace is something you should add to your list of things to try thus far. It is an exercise class that takes functional and dance moves (think ballet, not hip-hop) and focuses on your strength and balance. Now if you were to watch a class, you’d think oh, that’s nothing, looks easy. Think again. Your first time will probably leave you feeling anything but graceful. But it does help with posture, toning, balance and strength and believe me you will break a sweat. Ask your gym if there is a trainer certified to teach Willpower & Grace and sign up. Oh, and Willpower & Grace will require your participation in bare feet, so you might want to get that pedicure first.

Since we’re talking health and exercise, what are you doing different to get or stay in shape this year?

Today’s quote
Health is where beauty begins.

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