Diane Von Furstenberg, The Ellements of Style

You haven’t experienced closet envy until you’ve picked up a copy of The Ellements of Personal Style.  The editors of Elle magazine, sat down with some of the most stylish women and fashion innovators to discuss their style, fashion perspective, how they shop and yes, their closets.  What I really love about this book is that it’s not a appetizer, this is the entree straight from the dinner menu.

You learn about what makes these women tick and how it influences their fashion choices or vice versa.  Not only will did I want to up my fashion game, but I wanted to take on the daunting task of redoing my own closets (I haven’t set a date yet), but never-the-less this book will give you the motivation to redesign,reorganize or rethink your own style and space.

A few of the fashion icons included are  Tracee Ellis Ross, Christina Hendricks, Diane Von Furstenberg, Estelle, Alicia Keys, Dita, Margharita Missoni, Milla Jovovich and Olivia Wilde.  When asked about her curves, Christina Hendricks responded that her style secret is tailoring and showing her waistline.  I love that comment because every garment won’t flatter every body type, even when it’s your size.  A few dollars for a nip and tuck to your clothes is worth every penny.  Here’s a peak inside The Ellements of Personal Style…

Ross mentions that her mom is her style icon and that she gets all of her clothes.  Of course that’s not a bad deal when your mom is Diana Ross a.k.a. The Boss.  Who’s your favorite style icon and why?

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