Essie S2010 Collection #2

So all winter long you’ve been wearing deep, dark nail colors: plum, chocolate, burgundy-even black.  Regardless of the weather forecast Spring is on the way and before you know it, pastels: melons, lilacs and corals, like the Essie Spring 2010 collection will be the trend.  So what do you do about nails that are stained from hibernating beneath all those dark shades of polish.  Well prevention is always the best route.  Always begin with a base coat.  But if your nails are already discolored you still have options.  In the March issue of InStyle magazine, manicurist Patricia Yankee suggest soaking nails in a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil to lighten and moisturize stained nails.  Jin Soon Choi offers another solution: whitening toothpaste.  She tells InStyle, “The whitening agents work on nails the same way they do teeth.”  Just make sure that you buff your nails after you rinse off the paste. See that extra $1 for a whiter smile pays off.

Remember base coat is an important step in those quick polish changes.  Don’t skimp on it.

Essie Spring 2010 Collection: Lilacism, Neo Whimsical, Van d’ Go, Tarte Deco, Pop Art Pink and Red Nouveau

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