Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Maybelline FitMe Foundation

I was excited to see that Maybelline has a new foundation: Fit Me.  I’ve had quite a bit of success with their previous formulas: Moisture Whip and Dream Mousse. So in spite of it being a liquid foundation (I prefer cream or stick), I decided to give it a try.

My shade is 355 (shown above).  I was surprised at how well it covered only because I previously tried their cream foundations and I am a girl that needs full coverage.  It felt light and I really didn’t need to use concealer.  I have to give it to Maybelline they always deliver on a light feel when it comes to foundation.  In fact after trying it for a few days there was not one moment where I felt like I was “wearing” makeup.

The issue I have with this new collection is that 355 is the darkest shade they offer (shown on model above).  So while I was excited not to have to buy 2 shades and customize my foundation, I couldn’t help but wonder if Maybelline forgot that there are women with deeper skin tones than 355.  What about them?  While I give this a thumbs up and I’ll keep using it, I’m hoping Maybelline will go back to the lab and “fit” women of all shades.

What’s your favorite foundation? Do you custom blend your foundation?

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