Lyrically Speaking

Some of these rappers need to be arrested (along with artist of every other musical genre).  Not because of criminal activity, juvenile shenanigans, temper tantrums or drug use, but for taking a perfectly great beat and a feel-good vibe and destroying it with negative lyrics and expletive-filled rants. Yesterday I was listening to some new music and one of the artist (a favorite) had a great beat and an entertaining message, but then came the rapper!  He killed it, and I don’t mean that in a good way.  I was so disappointed.  I stopped mid-bop!

I understand that having some of these jokers on your track can make your sales go through the roof.  But do we really need more ways to conjugate four-letter words? Going with the flow leaves little room for legacy.

Then I got to thinking about how often we, everyday people, refuse a compliment with a self-depracating response.  Or instead of enjoying a good mood, a new outfit, or appreciating our prettiness, we turn up that negative chatter box in our heads and rewind some of the most hurtful taunts and stifling beliefs it will conjure.  How about when we withold enthusiasm and encouragement when conversations with friends gravitate towards anger, bitterness, or despair?

Each of us is responsible for the lyrics of our life-the words we keep for ourselves and the words we share with others.  When it comes to feeling good, staying positive, or just enjoying the up-and-up of life, we have to evoke the experiences and energy that we want.  What better way than with the words we speak!

By the way, what music are you listening to?

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One Response to “Lyrically Speaking”

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    Anonymous — April 12, 2011 @ 4:00 pm

    I can’t agree with this article more; I still enjoy the music I grew up on as lyrically beautiful and magical. I just wonder at ages 50 or 60 will the fans and artists of raunchy demoralizing lyrics be appreciated in the same way they seemed to be lauded today. Mary McCleod Bethune once said, “We are heirs to a rich throne of culture, we bear its glory and its burdens….” Raunchy offensive lyrics are one of those burdens.