Birth Of A Scandal, Huck & Olivia Pope;

Last week’s episode of ABC’s Scandal was off the charts.  Every frenemy is for himself, and I’m not sure how Olivia Pope is going to fix this one. As you probably already know, the new episodes resume on January 10.  Until then, I’ll be going through Scandal withdrawal on Thursday nights!

While I may not have a clue who shot Fitzgerald Grant, what we all know is that this season hasn’t disappointed in plot or fashion.  The gown and clutch on Olivia, the retro college vibe in all the flashbacks, Mellie’s polished vibe even “with child” has been on point.  Not to mention the fact that her character is making me rethink pearls.  In spite of the fact that I do own a strand,  I always think of them as being for women of a certain age.  But Scandal’s First Lady wears them well.

And while I’m on jewelry, I want to give a shout out to my readers in Italy who asked about the jewelry on Scandal.  Some of the pieces are by May Yeung, a jewelry designer based out of LA.  Her website has some really great images of her pieces. Oh, and while I dream of playing in Olivia Pope’s closet, I have to say, do the men on that show look dashing or what?! Hey, Columbus!

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to try and figure out who is behind this hit that’s got Olivia, the First Lady and myself on pins and needles. Who do you think is behind it?

In case you missed Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, and Judy Smith on Oprah’s Next Chapter, you can watch it here.

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