I Took My Bali Shopping

One Smooth U-Tank

Shapewear makes all the difference in how your clothes look and feel.  Just this past weekend, I went shopping and while it’s fun to pull stuff off the rack, there was the moment I usually dread-trying on clothes.  The thing is, I had on shapewear, my Bali Powershape Smooth Hi-Waist Brief.  Actually there wasn’t much to dread at all.  It made trying things on so much easier because I could see what would work, and saw each outfit’s full potential, sans panty lines, bulges or gaps.  I’m talking sweaters, jeans and corduroys it kept my silhouette smooth.  I have learned that the outfit is better when the “under” fit is smooth and tight.

So this weekend I’m going with Bali again.  I’m going to Circle of Sisters in New York and I’ll be at the Bali booth.  If you’re going to be in New York, you’ll definitely want to check out this event.  Bali will host a workshop where you can check out their Fall ’11 collection and learn more about their shapewear.  You can find more on the event, here.  Just this summer I got a peak at some of their new collection.  And what’s even better than looking good, is that today’s shapewear makes you feel good.

Source: Bali Company

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