The Swimsuit Dilemna

Christina Hendricks Covers Lucky, 8/11

This weekend I did a bit of recreational shopping.  You know when there’s a great sale and you pick up those few “needed” items you’ve been meaning to get.  Belt at Nordstrom.  Sunglasses at Marshall’s. Polish at Dior. Makeup CVS.  All was well in consumer land until I decided to try on a bathing suit.  The problem with finding a bathing suit, is first and foremost the style.  One that doesn’t scream I want to be 17, but doesn’t appear to be for a “great” relative.  Then there’s the cut.

Most designers are afraid of the challenge of real curves (swerves, yes.  But curves? No).  You’d think that the surge in breast enhancements over the past decades would have been a clue to someone that bathing suits would need a cup enhancement.  And with all of the padding to make those with less appear to have more, a cup upgrade should have been a no-brainer.

So I had to chuckle when I returned home to my August Issue of Lucky Magazine with the Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) quote:

“It’s hard to find a swimsuit if you have breasts.  You either get smooshed or no support.”

Preach!  I’m glad someone has put it out there.  The great thing is, Hendricks wants to start her own swim line, one with “good bra support.”

In the meantime, we have to choose from the  creations of the designers that have filled the racks, with curve-phobic sizing. There is good news, there are a few brands striving to meet women’s needs, even if it is only one detail at a time.

Freya has dared to go where no other designer has gone: beyond double D.  The plus.  They come in an array of styles that are current and fashionable.  You definitely won’t be called ma’am wearing these. Caution:  If your beach body won’t be ready until November, you may want to pass.  Most of their designs will bear your midriff.  Pooches and muffin tops are not welcome.

Spanx, has applied their body-shaping technology to the shore line.  Who doesn’t appreciate fabrics that give you a nip and tuck without a nip and tuck.  But like their predecessor Miracle Suit, the bust doesn’t venture beyond the “DD” cup! That leaves a lot of cleavage if you’re a triple D, F, or G cup.  But, if you’re daring or it’s just your size-they’re on sale 40% off.  Go for it!

The conundrum continues.

For more on Christina Hendricks pick up the August issue of Lucky Magazine or click here.

To find the Freya swimsuit that’s right for you, visit Nordstrom or shop online here.

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