Lancome Goes Matte For Fall

Fashion Forward Matte Lipstick, By Lancome

Lancome introduces a matte collection of lipstick for fall.  The glossy days of summer have faded to the background.  This season dense, vibrant colors are taking over.  There’s quite a few shades of matte that I love in this collection.  They’re a bit reminiscent of some of my favorite lipsticks from other lines, but uniquely their own.  Here are a few of my favorites (r to l).

Lancome Matte Lipsticks: Fashion Forward, Red Haute, Red Addiction, and Socialite

Socialite-This is a bright hot pink, with enough of a blue base that deeper complexions won’t looked washed out.

Red Addiction – This is an orange based red that’s just right. It’s definitely a pop of color that will brighten your style.

Red Haute – This is a rich, dense blue-based red.  If you think you’ve seen it before.  It’s almost a kissing cousin to MAC‘s Ruby Woo.

Pink Preview – A merger of pink and beige, this is soft-a perfect balance to a dramatic eye.  It’s just enough pink not to be chalky.

Fashion Forward – Deeper than raisin, but not quite plum. This shade can be dramatic or casual.  I love the versatility of it.  This one is almost a Diva.  Yes, it reminded me of that classic matte shade by MAC but a little less red, which makes it an original.

There were a lot more colors to choose from like Stylista and Plum Show.  And it’s nice to see Lancome giving us something different.  If you still want shine, Lancome has plenty of that in their Holiday collection.  Check out Caprice, a dazzling shade of red or Pink Spice.

Tip: Matte formulas are dry.  So keep a little lip balm in case you need to add some moisture to your smile.

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